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How the Continued Evolution of AI Will Reshape the Business World In 2024

Last year, several technologies emerged that reshaped the way businesses operate. At the top of this list was AI - with a particular emphasis on Artificial Intelligence tools that are light-on-tech-jargon and user-friendly. This has already begun to reshape the way we see businesses operate.  This transformation is evident in the widespread use of user-friendly, […]

Navigating the Human Element in Your Digital Transformation Strategy

The most formidable hurdle in developing a Digital Transformation Strategy often emerges from the least expected place: the human element. The challenge isn’t always about securing the budget, choosing the right technology, or even the system development and integration.  Instead, it often boils down to the seasoned sales rep who eyes automated email campaigns with […]

How Seasonal Businesses Use Systems and Technology to Thrive Year-Round

Halloween marks the race to the end of the year - everything after this month seems to fly by. Of course, if you have kids, this month flies by anyway. In the US, Halloween is a pretty big deal. It’s the autumnal holiday, and with it we can look forward to piles of candy and […]

AI and Process Automation: Can AI Really Manage a Project?

There’s no escaping the transformation AI and process automation have already had on how we operate our businesses. According to Statista, the global artificial intelligence (AI) software market will reach around 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. One area that's seen a surge in AI-powered tools is productivity. A glance at articles, like this one […]

Why Businesses Fail: Companies My Kids Will Never Know

When successful companies get to a certain level of growth, they can start to seem infallible. As if they’ve hit on some spectacular magic that will keep their company’s success going for generations to come. But these giants are not foolproof. They are just as susceptible to failure as newer and smaller businesses. We know […]

Under Pressure: Implementing Technology Solutions Under Imperfect Circumstances

You know that song “Under Pressure” with David Bowie and Freddie Mercury? It’s a fantastic song, and often I find myself resonating with the line, “These days it never rains, but it pours.” There always seems to be something. A pandemic, increased competition, new technological advancements, economic uncertainty: I could go on.  When the pressure […]

 Scaling Down Your Operations for Powerful Growth

Here’s are some sobering statistics: as of 2023 the amount of food waste in the United States is estimated to have been around 30-40%. At the same time, it is estimated that 34 million people, including 9 million children, are food insecure. In 2021, 53 million people turned to food programs for assistance​. Looking at […]

Recruiting Top Talent or Settling For “Almost”?

In March of 2022, everyone was talking about “quiet quitting.”  The idea of disgruntled employees who showed up to work to do the bare minimum pointed toward a significant problem that still looms large in a post-pandemic world. Finding good people. The recruitment process can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. While employees face […]

Surviving a Brand Transformation: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Rebranding is something we most often associate with marketing. It may bring to mind a dynamic, creative process where a group of writers and artists shout fun logo ideas at each other.  While, yes, rebranding centers on an organization's outward-facing image, it often necessitates internal changes to ensure consistency between the new brand identity and […]

System Implementation: The Problem-Solving Practice Every Business Needs

On some level, we’re all looking for one easy answer that’ll make surmounting the many challenges we face as managers easier. The problem is–there is no easy answer. But fortunately, there are best practices. One such practice I love to discuss is developing and implementing systems within your organization. You may be tempted to groan; […]
The 4 R's of the Leadership Journey - Risk, Rejection, resilence, Reinvent. Blue paper boat leading the grey boats in water

The 4 R’s of the Leadership Journey

We’re approaching the end of 2022, and with it, the end of the fifth year that TGR Management has been in business. With the turn of the calendar, I’ve been reflecting on what the past years have taught me – both as a founder and as a CEO. There’s a particular framework – what’s typically […]
Leadership in virtual teams - zoom call leadership

Learning from the Past to Lead Virtual Teams in the Present

Recently, a colleague lamented the omni-presence of video calls. He was considering the fact that so many virtual interactions at work needed a Zoom link. “Doesn’t anyone ever just pick up the phone and give someone a call?” he asked. It’s an important question, and it sparks another: how do effective leaders communicate in virtual […]

How Effective Leaders Prioritize Work

Being an effective leader doesn’t mean drowning in your own pool of work. In my personal and professional growth, I’ve learned that setting boundaries, handling stress, and politely pushing back with a firm “no,” are all reasons that I’ve been able to achieve success. Great leaders learn to prioritize work while still maintaining healthy personal […]
T or I Leader and T or I Career

T or I Career Path

Amid a sea of personality assessments and work style predictors, the waters of career planning can get a bit muddy. Though they can be valuable, it’s easy to get swept up in acronyms and numbers when you’re deciding who fits best where. Sometimes, simple is best. During my master’s degree, I was introduced to the […]
Economy of Me: Working as an independent project manager - individual holding up a sign that says

Economy of Me – Working as an Independent Project Manager

The idea of independent work can have a magnetic pull. If you’re considering working as an independent project manager, you’re likely dreaming about the flexibility, control, and increased income you hope might result.  All those things can indeed come to fruition, but independent work isn’t romantic or rosy. As I’ve developed my business and grown […]

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