Our Values

Quality, Integrity, and Teamwork

As independent consultants, quality, integrity, and teamwork are our foundational principles.

INTEGRITY - we know that honest and truthful conversations are not easy, but we believe they are essential to our Client's success

QUALITY - we deliver on our promise of quality work

TEAMWORK - we bring teams together to work collaboratively to achieve the common goal

We have a strong track record of turning one-time projects into long-term relationships.
Digital Transformation Consultant Teamwork - hands together with common goal

The Birth Of TGR Management Consulting

Equipped with expertise in big data, customer relationship management, enterprise analytics platforms, collaboration tools, digital automation, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and more, I knew the next logical step in my career path was to develop my own technology consulting team. In 2017, TGR Management Consulting was born. We’re proud to be one of very few women-owned technology consulting firms.

Driven by a deep-rooted desire to connect the dots between technology and organizational growth, our team of technology consultants support Fortune 1000 companies by creating repeatable, scalable operations that grow revenue faster. Small and agile, we build and deploy processes that reduce costs, eliminate waste, enhance efficiency, and equip top brands to make informed decisions.

The Journey To Becoming A Digital Transformation Consultant

Tiffany Rosik - CEO of TGR Management Consulting

Meet Tiffany Rosik, a dynamic entrepreneur at the poised intersection of innovation and transformation. As Founder and CEO, she's not just a business visionary; she's a growth architect. Tiffany's forte lies in advising Fortune 1000 companies, skillfully aligning their business and technology initiatives to propel them towards new heights.


She's not one to simply chart a course; Tiffany crafts strategic roadmaps by analyzing business conditions, leveraging the organization's strengths, and mitigating weaknesses. Her genius lies in optimizing resources to establish key objectives and breathe life into the organization's mission.


Beyond the boardroom, Tiffany is a change-maker. She serves on multiple boards of directors, lending her strategic brilliance to organizations committed to positive impact. But her influence extends even further – she hosts the empowering podcast, "The Business of Non-Profits," where she explores the dynamic world of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy through a business lens.

Our Team

Stacey Lund
Stacey Lund
Operations & Customer Success Executive

Stacey Lund has over 25 years' experience driving operational improvements and leading customer-facing teams for companies in a variety of industries. She adamantly believes that driving better outcomes in the current customer economy increases differentiation and customer loyalty.

Barbara Noble at TGR Management Consulting
Barbara Noble
Program Management Leader and Relationship Builder

Accomplished Program Management leader across IT, Financial Services, Hospitality, and Retail sectors. Creates process and structure in support of large IT projects including driving accountability, organization, and execution.

Stephanie Dremel of TGR Management Consulting
Stephanie Dremel
Executive Consultant and Innovative Strategist

Stephanie has over 20 years of clinical leadership experience in diverse healthcare settings including a large academic medical center, ambulatory clinics, outpatient surgery center, procedural units, and healthcare staffing company.   Stephanie's experience, coupled with her master's degree in nursing informatics, allows her Clients to succeed at both the operational and analytical challenges in any digital transformation.

We invite you to take a look at our Results and Case Studies to see what we’ve done.

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