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How Reimagining the Nano Influencer Can Help You Move Into the C Suite

How Reimagining the Nano Influencer Can Help You Move Into the C Suite

If you’re watching from a distance, some people really seem to get lucky. As you seek to grow professionally, you may be tracking the journey of others and wondering how they seem to simply wander into great opportunities. In truth, it doesn't happen overnight, and the seeds for those opportunities were likely planted years (if […]
how much time is wasted in meetings and pay per meeting - work desk with money

You Are Paying Me to Be At This Meeting

At some point during this workweek, you’ve likely muttered to yourself about how much time is wasted in meetings. Speaking the thought out loud might be frowned upon, but the truth remains - a poorly structured meeting without a solid strategy comes with a high price tag… in both minutes and dollars. Exactly how high? […]
5 Good Habits for Small Businesses - individual at desk writing notes

5 Good Habits for Small Businesses

Starting a small business is an exhilarating process, and though adrenaline can carry the day at first, it’s not enough. Successful business habits create the structure that you and your team need. They’re the guard rails that ensure focus and persistence even when enthusiasm wanes. If you’re a reactive leader, continually hustling from one fire […]
5 Highly Effective Habits of Non-Profit Leadership - Leadership compass

5 Highly Effective Habits of Non-Profit Leadership in 2022

No matter their mission, nonprofits share an unending supply of passion for their cause. They’re determined to bring their goods and services to as many clients as possible. However, budgets largely determine their reach, and since those budgets are fueled by fundraising, the spending model must stay lean. Here’s where non-profit leadership habits differentiate successful […]
Organization Strategic Plan is like meal planning - calendar planner surrounded by vegetables

Meal Planning for the Future: How to Improve Your Organization’s Strategic Planning

What do strategic planning and meal planning have in common? A lot, actually. Here’s a common scenario at my house. Around 8:00 am, I’ll ask the members of my family what they’d like for dinner. A typical response sounds like this: “It’s way too early to be thinking about it.” When midday rolls around, my […]
which digital transformation trends drive cybersecurity

Which Digital Transformation Trends Drive Cybersecurity?

When it comes to cybersecurity, small business owners often assume they’ll go unnoticed; it’s easy to think that expensive cyber crime only happens to the big guys. However, small and medium sized businesses are actually much MORE susceptible to costly breaches, and even worse, the costs can threaten to wipe them out. As a small […]
Hire a Consultant or Contractor

Should You Hire a Consultant or Contractor?

If you’re a CIO or CEO, you’re likely looking at the body of work for 2022 and realizing you’ll need some additional manpower. Your team is stretched as far (or further) than is sustainable, but the labor market is just as tight. You’re probably wondering where to start; is it best to seek out full-time […]
Transitioning to a Hybrid Model: Leading Remote & Onsite Teams in the Messy Middle - woman alone in the conference room

Transitioning to a Hybrid Model: Leading Remote & Onsite Teams in the Messy Middle

Last week, one of my clients invited me back to their office.  So, I dusted off my professional business attire, dressed up, drove into the office, and found myself alone in a conference room virtually attending a meeting…    As employers start inviting their employees back transitioning from full remote to a hybrid work model, the […]
What is revops

Revenue Operations (RevOps): Process Improvement for Revenue Growth

Revenue Operations (aka RevOps) is a new buzzword that has been gaining traction amongst businesses in the last few years. Gartner predicts 75% of the highest growing companies in the world will deploy a RevOps framework by 2025. So, what exactly is revenue operations and how do you get started?   What is Revenue Operations […]
Process Optimization: How To Prevent SaaS waste

Process Optimization: How to Prevent SaaS Waste

Companies are increasingly paying for apps they aren’t using enough or are redundant. This may be due to decentralization of the software acquisition process, employees creating new accounts, or companies forgetting to unsubscribe from applications they are no longer needing. This phenomenon deserves its own name: SaaS waste. Software optimization can be used to identify […]
Innovation Coach for Projects

Innovation Projects Need Coaches, Not Managers

Companies seeking to innovate need Project Coaches leading their innovation teams, not Project Managers.   It’s a bold statement. However, organizations of all sizes invest large amounts of time, money, and human capital into accelerating innovation to drive business growth.   They establish sales goals, acquire talent, and build market excitement around "it", but then assign […]
Servant Leadership

Adopting Servant Leadership in your Project Management Methodology

  A good friend of mine reached out to me after my last article and asked: Are you doing any articles on the other roles - the ones that can sabotage a project? For example, the narcissist, the project sycophant (who won't say no to any task, so all tasks are at risk), or the incompetent "learner" […]
More status reporting won't save the project

More status reporting won’t save the project…

Good News! PMI's 2017 Pulse of the Profession 2017 is showing a rise in project success rates. The Bad News -- there are as many definitions, assumptions, and caveats to those measurements as there are organizations that monitor this sort of thing. The fact remains that there is a constant struggle to deliver successful projects. As I've […]

The Silent Constraint

Recently, I was invited to speak with the members of the American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA) - San Diego Regional Chapter healthcare technology project management. The general membership is not responsible for managing projects in their day-to-day activities, but they are key subject matter experts and stakeholders on projects, not to mention early adopters of […]

“Without a good foundation, automation helps you fail faster” ~ Unknown

I've been to the annual HIMSS Conference (Health Information Management System Society)about a half dozen times over the last 12 years. Primarily as a guest of one of my employers and usually "working" in a variety of different capacities from a Booth Greeter, to Demo Master, to Sales Pitcher. Over the years, the conference has grown into quite […]

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